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WaterWays Marina Village

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Designed By Dasher Hurst Architects, 3D rendering by 3D visuals.

AIA Jacksonville, award of excellence commercial unbuilt.

Architectural visualization rendering is a lifesaver for architects, enabling them to make truly spectacular and unforgettable presentations. The 3D render helps showcase a project in the most appealing way to engage clients.

Our team of 3D specialists were behind the 3D architectural visualization rendering of the Boat House, Cottenham Exchange and Marina House area. Our 3D renders made the otherwise dull images look photorealistic and more detailed. The community has one of the most beautiful natural sceneries in the world.

The breathtaking landscape was brought to life by the mesmerizing 3D rendering, depicting the captivating out-of-this-world experience that would have been hard to capture in a simple 2D photograph. The vivid green trees and elegant gardens were the perfect backdrop to the brilliant blue of the water and the sky. The 3D visuals artists realistically recreated every single tree, paying special attention to the combination of bright sunlight and dull shadows.

I’m have been fully in love with this project ever since Glenn Dasher the architect, shared his hand-made drawings with us. The entire team truly enjoyed the experience of creating the 3D architectural visualization for such a magnificent design. Below are more details about this awesome project.

Waterways is currently building the Marina Village, which will include a large dry storage facility, launching docks, a sizable retail component, eateries, fitness facilities and a park. But these facilities won’t be only for the Waterways residents. Seventy percent of the storage slips will be designated for use by the Bryan County residents, while the remaining 30 percent will be reserved for the Waterways residents.

Once completed, the project will give boats access to the Intracoastal Waterway through Redbird Creek. The dry storage area, which can house 200 boats up to 35 feet long, is estimated to be complete by late summer or early fall 2019. The other features and amenities at Marina Village are planned to open in summer 2020.

The retail portion, dubbed Cottenham Exchange, will include a general store; ship store; a small eatery that will sell items like sandwiches, ice cream and coffee; yoga and fitness studios for Waterways residents; and some open space for events.

Beside the exchange, Savannah Square Park will look out over the marina, providing splendid views as well as an airy venue for public outdoor events and gatherings.

Conceptual Master Plan

The below image is the Conceptual Master Plan developed for the entire Marina Village which includes the Phase 2 Boutique Hotel, Spa and Conference Center along with a chapel that opens to the Village Square. The arrangement of exterior and interior spaces are open to the northern views of the river and marshlands.

Boat House

Conceptual Design

The Boat House is primarily a steel, structure and primary skin, a brick base with wood only on the ends facing the marina or river approach. Transparency was utilized to lighten the mass of the large structure while minimizing lateral wind loading. Boats are lifted on large forklifts (bulls) from the marina and transferred to the river access and or into one of the storage spots.

Cottenham Exchange

Conceptual Design

The Cottenham Exchange supports all the neighborhood recreational activities, HOA, sales office, community meeting rooms along with retail spaces including a small general store.

Marina House

Conceptual Design

The Marina House represents the community home in the village. It contains only social activities with dining, living, and special events in one extended room which opens out through the front porch to the Public Square on the south end and through the covered terrace to the primary river views and formal lawn to the north.

As the home for the community the Marina House has now reversed the material palate of the Boat House. The structure and skin is wood and brick with the only steel supporting the loft area over the central bar and the picture window that form the front and rear walls.

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