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Why Photorealistic Renderings are Vital for Architecture Firms?

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Investing in photorealistic renderings can have a profound impact on the success of your architecture business. Here’s why.

They Help to Showcase Your Strength as a Designer

Architectural renderings aren’t just about showing off something that looks good, it gives clients a good reason to believe that they should invest in your designs! They will be confident in your ability to deliver results when you show them a set of photorealistic renderings that put them in the experience of viewing the finished product. I addition, having a high quality rendering can help visually bridge a gap in communication when sharing your vision of their design.

They Put an Architect in Control

3D renderings put an architect in direct control over the entire project. They are frequently created at either end of the design process, often with the intent to win competitions or to sell a project near its completion. Investing in the feedback loop process and introducing photorealistic renderings to your customers throughout the process gives the design a chance to grow, improve, and be more complete in the end.

The photorealistic rendering is about lifestyle, business, process, design, and visualization which can elicit an entire set of emotions by showing a 3D visualization to potential buyers. Architectural agencies have been able to increase their sales greatly since they started using 3D visualization and rendering. It's no wonder since the world of today is all about eye-catching visuals.

They Win Competitions

Is your firm looking to participate in competitions? 3D photorealistic renderings produce believable and awe-inspiring images of your perspective work and make your competition entries as visually strong as your designs are evocative. They should be easy to understand, powerful, and convey the design in the light with which it deserves to be presented.

You’d be hard-pressed to find any design competition entry that didn’t have one or two photorealistic renderings showcasing the experiential aspects of the finished design. If the images are successful, you almost don’t even need words or diagrams or precedents to convince the jury your entry is the only entry.

They Just Look Great and Enrich Your Brand

That first impression is critical when meeting with new or prospective clients, so have them come to your office - the place of work you’ve spent countless hours designing as the face of your architecture brand - for the best chance to nail that first impression.

Photorealistic renderings are almost more impressive than finished images because they represent the dream of the perfect execution of the initial design. There is a purity to these images that will blow people away.

Want to make the most eye-catching presentations for your projects? Contact our architectural 3D visualization company and get high-quality photorealistic 3D renderings to impress your clients.

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